Monday, February 03, 2014

Same Song, Different Verse

This morning I was laid off from my job due to a departmental reorganization.  All of us knew that there would be changes happening in our department.  From what I understood, the focus was outsourcing functions and moving people around.  The general timeline was April for when the big changes would happen.  I was the only person laid off today but my manager let me know that more will come.

Of course I'm shocked and upset.  But I was given a nice severance package so the panic isn't too severe.  Also, I am coming off of a year as a full-time permanent employee so I don't look like this unhirable temping flake. As part of the severance package, I will have 3 months of outplacement counseling.  I am going to make full use of that!  My health benefits run out at the end of the month and then I have the option to use COBRA.

I also have to say, being let go at this company was handled really well.  My direct supervisor is new to his role so I dealt with his manager who I had worked with often.  She actually cried as we discussed next moves so that made me feel weirdly better.  Also, rather than have me say goodbye in people's cubicles, she brought people in one by one to an empty conference room so I could say goodbye.  I really appreciated that and some people were more upset than me!  The manager also helped me pack up my cubicle.  So, I left the company feeling sad but very supported emotionally.

My plan is for the next two days to be my recovery period - let myself cry, freak out, and get angry.  Then, it's time to work on getting a new job!  How is the market out there?  I've been out for two years.

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