Thursday, July 03, 2014

Don't Be A Dummy

Remember how we have had basically 8 months of winter? When there was no sun and we were basically indoor creatures. Our skin remembers! Oh yeah, if you started taking a new medication during the 8 months of winter, make sure you check to see if there is a photosensitivity side effect.

I'm talking about all this because I had my first trip to the beach Tuesday. 5 hours of fun. I forgot to reapply sunscreen after two trips in the ocean. I seriously need these babies:
I had a ton of sunscreen in my bag and brought an extra towel so I could dry off before application. But coming prepared does not matter if you're forgetful. Here is my goofy version of the forgetful results:

I've been indoors for two days recovering. It's very lucky that all the burns are on my front and no sun poisoning. My legs were the severest burn to the point where I had trouble standing. Here are some tricks/tips I've learned:
  • Take a lukewarm shower to cool off - NO SOAP. Cold shower feels like needles stabbing you.
  • Only pat dry
  • Drink a lot of fluids
  • Those aloe gels cool off the skin but make skin feel really tight
  • The absolutely best salve is coconut oil with a couple drops of lavender. The coconut is a great moisturizer and absorbs easily. Lavender seems to cut the pain somehow. I've only used on torso, not face
  • For face burns sun lotion works
  • Try to sleep only on cotton sheets
  • I'm looking for any tips for scalp burns
I think since tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, I will be able to go outside! Thank goodness I'm unemployed because I can't imagine wearing work clothes with this burn... If you have at least one red head in your family and you have freckles, please accept that you will never be a golden brown beach bum and treat the sun like a radiation emitting enemy. Seriously y'all, I'm basically a walking melanoma.

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