Friday, July 25, 2014


I had an interview Tuesday downtown in the 92 degree heat. Speaking of, here are my tips on how to survive that situation:

1. Schedule interview as early in the morning as possible
2. Check out the interview location on google maps and identify the closest Dunkin Donuts.
3. Use a messenger/laptop bag.
4. Pack a T-shirt, sneakers, water bottle, and damp facecloth in a ziploc bag. Plus resume etc.
5. Dress for a normal interview but try to use breathable fabrics.
6. Get to the interview vicinity an hour early then cool down in a Dunkin Donuts.
7. Interview
8. After interview, change out of interview outfit into sneakers and a T-shirt.

Obviously, these steps are gospel since I got the phone call job offer this morning. In the job search unwritten rule book,  hearing something within the week after an interview means you'll get a rejection. I was gearing myself up for that then the ending of the sentence changed. What I expected:

"Guy and HR lady met after your interview and decided to pursue another candidate."

What happened:

"Guy and HR lady met after your interview and decided to offer you the job."

I am so relieved and happy readers! This was my first interview since June 10 and I had two other interviews lined up next week (if you're looking for analyst jobs, I can give you leads). The job is in a new industry for me, pays more than my last job, and is in HR - a discipline that I had wanted to pursue for years. I have a couple weeks to wait for offer approval, get through a background check, and physical. So, hello stress-free summer vacation! 

So, unemployed people out there, it can happen. You just need time, flexibility, and a lot of support from your family and friends.

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