Sunday, August 16, 2015

How Data Can Save Sanity

My annual review at work is coming up next month.  This is my first annual review at this company. I did have a mid-year which went well.  A lot has happened since then so I'm worried how my accomplishments will be weighed against my ability to cope. I got dinged at my mid-year for being snippy.

Since I am an analyst and I need data, I decided to log every meltdown I've had since April on a calendar. The red dates are the meltdowns and the pink block is when I started reducing my crazy pills.  You know what?  This actually makes me feel so much better! I was getting caught up with the idea that I am being unprofessional.  Another thing that made me feel better is this article. 

I also want to point out four meltdowns since titrating off of Lamotrigine, only 1 occurring when I was completely off, is an actual accomplishment!  Of course, if I want to see how these line up with my cycle, that would be counterproductive and probably infuriating - ha!  

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