Friday, April 01, 2016

1095-C, Life Ruiner

Remember those 8,000+ tax forms that we got saddled with printing?  They are benefits forms. Benefits data in our system is absolute crap because the Benefits Team aren't analysts or IT savvy. We relied on a contract business analyst last year to help us fix benefits data and interpret IRS regulations into logic coding for the 1095-C.

Guess what? Data was still wrong and the regulations logic was coded incorrectly to produce those 8,000 forms.  The benefits department was flooded with complaint calls.  March 25, Super Boss was given the job to fix the entire mess.  Not the Benefits Manager or IT Manager.  Super Boss. The form mailing due date was March 31.

This past week has been absolute hell, dipped in burning bullshit.  Super Boss is going to resign in the near future.   He can't continue working at our company anymore.  I know his health, spirit, and marriage are suffering.

He was so utterly overwhelmed and miserable trying to decipher the IRS regulations, working until at least 9p.m. at night. He wound up completely blowing up at anyone in the vicinity of my office Tuesday. Crying in his office, telling me that he was handed the job to fix this mess as a set up for failure so the higher ups can fire him.  I sat with him for hours trying to help interpret the regulations and scope a fix. At one point, he said quietly, "I guess I am going to quit Friday with no job lined up."  I sent an urgent email to our former director asking him to swing by because Super Boss was in The Dark Place.  I asked Baby Analyst around 2:30 Tuesday to grab Super Boss lunch since he kept insisting he had no time to get food. Tears leaked from his eyes when she put two slices of pizza and a Pepsi on his desk. Tuesday was bad. I was so panicked and unable to help, I sent an email to the Higher Ups Tuesday evening listing all the wonderful things about Super Boss and how important he is to our department. I cried my heart out to my room-mate and my mom on the phone.  Both made me feel a ton better.

Wednesday morning, I decided to tell Super Boss that he is basically family to me, that I want him to be happy, when he hurts I am sad, and that I will always have his back.  I also told him that he had every right to be upset and say the things he said Tuesday.  He got teary and thanked me.  He also told me his wife is really pissed at him about all the late nights he's working, that fixing the 1095-C form is hurting his non-work life.  So yeah, remember how I said that since he's family I want him to be happy? Damn it - I kinda know logically he needs to jump ship ASAP but I would really miss him. Wednesday we tried calling the IRS, our healthcare provider, and similar companies to get some kind of handle of how to code these damn tax forms.  On the plus side, we found out we could mail a letter that would give us a thirty day extension!

Thursday, we finally got some kind of guidance on coding from an outside consultant.  Super Boss actually smiled!  We are going to spend the next 3 weeks fixing the code, testing, and sending out a whole new batch of forms

Today was an okay day 90% coding testing but after I mentioned to Super Boss about potential summer vacation plans, he mentioned he will be taking off a chunk of July himself "...if I am still here." I said, "Ha, ha April Fools" and went back to my office to cry.  I was a monotone, snippy bitch to him the rest of the afternoon because I am professional woman gosh darn it!  We had a phone call and I apologized explaining why I was upset - he assured me that he has no prospects now but I should not be surprised if it happens. I brushed up my resume when I got home tonight. Super Boss sent this tonight,

"Fellow team members,

I just want to thank all of you for all your assistance and support over the course of this past week.  I have fallen severely behind on e-mails, voicemails, assigned projects and daily tasks in order to dedicate time to 1095-C.  I imagine that many of you have as well.  Some of you were directly impacted by my inability to be available and for this I am sorrowful and am asking to be excused.

I appreciate all your efforts and dedication in trying to move us along in a positive direction on the 1095-Cs.  The struggle is real.  The confusion is authentic.  But I believe we are on a path towards clarity thanks to all your hard work, research and questioning.  Your labor is for a good cause and I am so grateful to serve on a team with each of you.  Without you so much of what the Analyst team delivers would just not be possible.

Despite all of this week’s mayhem and crammed learning, you continued to move theX project along, continued to test Y and Z approval issues (are we done testing?), continued to respond to alpha questions, and continued to do your daily, weekly and monthly tasks as best as possible.  That is amazing stuff.

Thanks for all you do"

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