Monday, April 11, 2016

Good News!

Firstly, acupuncture for dealing with emotional BS totally helps! I've done acupuncture for physical pain before so the needles didn't freak me out. The practitioner was really gentle, kind, and warm. He let me talk, ask questions, and cry. Whatever he did, felt like a weight had lifted from me. The Friday horribleness did not have the emotional hold on me anymore. So, I'm going to add this to my wellness routine!

My early morning emergency therapy session went well and I had a lot of good guidance like cutting Super Boss a wide berth today. Also, making a routine of doing something relaxing each day.

I walked into work with a lot of tools under my belt and coping advice. I had been in my office barely 5 minutes when Super Boss appeared in my doorway asking if we could talk. We had a good talk, I got to apologize, he apologized, we explained where our head were at Friday, and got into boundaries. Super Boss had a whole list of things I don't need to do and alternatives for me. I almost started laughing because altogether, I sounded like one pushy broad! But I know the examples he used were random instances where I remembered feeling like I was interrupting or was unsure about how to approach something. The upshot is that I'm getting a verbal warning and we're cool.

The final amazingly good thing from today is when I was chatting with a co-worker about Friday. I apologized for the drama and thanked her for lending me an ear in the midst of it all. This is a grandmother of four and she told me a couple months ago she came into work in the morning and basically had a tantrum. That we can never know what will set us off. 

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