Sunday, October 30, 2016

Super Boss Was Walking Antibiotics

This week has been utter misery but at least there is slight improvement in my future. The last time I had a cold was January 2015. I've had a cough for three weeks and now I have bronchitis. My doctor gave me an inhaler, Zpack, and a cough suppressant. The coughing has also set off my costochondritis. So lying down hurts.  The only way I have been getting sleep is doped up on cough medicine. I took three days off from work to recover. I am feeling a lot better now.

Me being me, I felt guilty being home so I did a ton of stuff around the apartment which made me sicker but at least I swapped out my summer clothes, cleaned the kitchen, and got my SHRM studying done! Also a very negative news article was published about my workplace that was full of lies and insulted the professional integrity of Super Boss and the other managers who resigned. I was boiling mad and very sad.

I went back to work Friday and of course no one handled any of the work piling up on the analyst group while I was out.  Why?  Because I am the only one who know how to do anything now. So, that was completely overwhelming and infuriating. On top of that, I was on a conference call meeting where New Boss totally took over the discussion of my deliverable and very obviously had no idea what he was talking about but kept talking. I got so angry, I left the meeting.

There will be two new analysts starting next month and a new manager (Super Boss' old position). So, there is still a glimmer of hope for me.  I also asked for a raise.  I don't know if New Boss has mentioned it to the Chief yet. There is this voice inside me that keeps telling me "Maybe it will get better." and my mother has pointed out that I don't have a long fuse, that am doing as much as possible to change my current situation.

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