Sunday, October 16, 2016

My First Cold in 18 Months

Well, I am so stressed my body is feeling the impact. Not only am I hacking up a lung, my acid reflux is so bad, I have no enamel left on my teeth. That was a horrifying surprise from recent dentist visits! By the way, I found a really awesome dentist who gets me numb, is respectful, and answers my questions. I need fluoride treatments, most of my fillings replaced and possible crowns.

There have been a couple bright spots in my life recently. I had dinner with Super Boss a couple weeks ago. We went to J.M. Curley and had a yummy dinner. It was nice to see him happy and know that we have a lot to talk about beyond work. I tried not to but we did talk about work. Afterwards, he gave me a tour of the Downtown Crossing Roche Brothers because I've never been and he loves the place. We were also a little buzzed.

I have also been roped into a compensation study at work. That makes me happy because I get to use everything I am learning in SHRM certification classes. Plus, it is the 20% creativity sweet spot every analyst dreams of. So, work isn't completely awful. It's just exhausting and frustrating.

Job interview #2 was cancelled because they are hiring internally. I am still waiting to hear about #1.

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