Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Holidays

Things are a bit more bearable now.  Oh yeah, I am 40!  I had an awesome birthday dinner at Lala Rokh with a bunch of family and friends.  I ate brains for the first time.  It doesn't taste like anything but the texture can be gross if you think about what you're eating.  Afterwards, a smaller group of us went to Escape the Room Boston. The night was non-stop fun and was a perfect way to celebrate. Super Boss and Super Wife were there. Super Wife was drinking water while all of us ordered drink after drink. So, me being me, I asked and yes they are trying for a baby!  Yay!! 

There are two new analysts on the team - a male and a female. I'll call the male Eager Beaver Analyst because he tries SO MUCH and wants to learn, learn, learn. Which is a good thing but a very odd energy after the years of bitterness and exhaustion. The female is very smart, funny, quiet, and focused. I get the vibe that she wants everything she does to be perfect so she doesn't wade in on the work unless she's sure. Cautious Analyst?  I'll come up with something better later.  Both have a very diverse background in HR so it's great to train them because they pick things up quick.

I also got a new boss Monday- Super Boss' position's replacement.  He's nice and has a lot of experience we're going to need.  I creeped on his new hire paperwork so I confirmed that he is gay. His nickname shall be Nu Boss. We had a quick meeting in his office Wednesday where he wanted to figure out how to assign the group to tackle report requests. He turned to me and asked how was it done before.  I looked around the packed office and made a wry face asking Baby Analyst, "Do you want to say it? Or me?" She said, "We have never had this many analysts."  Ha!

Joe Biden memes and this helps with the election fall out:
My roommate has been away the past week visiting family.  Last weekend I was rear-ended in West Roxbury when I was at a stoplight. My car seems fine but my neck and back aren't doing so well. I was a pissy bitch to the woman who hit me telling her that I wasn't okay and that she needs to pay attention when she's driving.  A doctor has put me on muscle relaxants.  If the nerve problems and pain don't get better, I'll need an MRI.

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