Saturday, January 28, 2017

Group Therapy

Guess what I did last weekend? Me and over 170K of my friends hung out on the Boston Common.  I went with the expectation that maybe I could feel better after carrying this weight in my heart for two months. I definitely felt better afterwards! I had no idea how many people turned out until we tried starting the march - where my section barely moved while we saw far away people marching.  I loved Elizabeth Warren's speech and thought it was a sign that the sun broke through the clouds halfway through. I cried, I laughed, was inspired, and had aching feet/back for hours.

The next day, I signed every petition I could sign, made a list of organizations to donate to, during the week I called various senators regarding issues.  But towards the end of the week, I needed to disconnect from the news because outrage 24/7 is utterly exhausting. You have to admit this has been quite a shitty week for any intelligent moral American.

In addition to the world of politics, I have had to deal with some medical crap. I had a MRI of my neck Tuesday since I've had more spasms, pain, and hand numbness since my November accident. I found out Friday that I have disc disease and degenerative arthritis. I was stunned.  My doctor referred me to a spine clinic.  On the upside, I am not crazy I really do have A Thing.  On the downside, this is something I will need to manage my whole life. That made me incredibly sad because I am already so goddamn tired after two months!  Spine injections sound scary, I've had traction before so that's fine, and medical marijuana sounds right up my alley. My spine clinic appointment is is March. Wish me luck on dealing with another month of pain, spasms, and numbness on my own!

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