Sunday, April 23, 2017

Super Boss Wasn't So Super

It has been seven months and I have finally broken out of the thrall. Super Boss was a perfectionist control freak whose high standards made himself and whoever worked with him miserable. He quit because his ego could not take being out of control.

How did I figure this out?

1. The huge HR system transition hasn't been the end of the world Super Boss warned about. It is just different. It is certainly isn't anything to quit over.

2. Individuals in the staffing group have no idea what the recruitment process is. It turns out Super Boss basically performed the entire recruiting process rather than train them or hold them accountable. I discovered this when I pushed requisitions or job offers back asking for corrections. I was told "Super Boss always did X".

3. Nu Boss is pretty fed up, has decided to hold people accountable and to stop enabling ignorance. He definitely understands my frustration. Some days I feel like I am taking crazy pills and I wonder to myself, "How does Staffing Jane not know this after working here a decade?" Nu Boss comes into my office, throws his hands up in the air and asks the same question. I told him this week, "This is the department we inherited thanks to Super Boss".

I'm not totally in black and white world. Super Boss helped me a lot professionally and I learned a lot. But this was only his second job post college and he is SO YOUNG.

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