Wednesday, July 26, 2017

3 Months!

So much has happened it’s hard to keep track.  Since I love lists, here’s the breakdown:

 The Bad

My father had a heart attack – he has congestive heart failure and had a bad bout that sent him to the hospital in early May.  Through tests they found out his heart function had severely declined so they scheduled him for an angioplasty where the found 90% of his right coronary artery blocked.  He has a stent now. His well-being seriously declined between all the medications and CHF side effects. He fell and fractured his pelvis a couple weeks ago.  He’s in a rehab hospital now.

Rasputin is sick – he’s a ten year old Mainecoon and I noticed his fur wasn’t looking so great.  I tried to remove a couple mats which revealed painful skin sores underneath.  He also started drooling.  He got a lion cut at the end of June which revealed how skinny he is.  I started crying to my roommate saying he looks like a walking corpse.  I took him to the vet last weekend.  He has a cavity and gingivitis plus he could possibly have hyperthyroidism.  Poor guy!

Looking for a new therapist – I’ve had an awesome therapist for two years who has helped me a lot.  Unfortunately, my mental health benefits are administered by Beacon Health.  According to my therapist, they have horrible reimbursement rates and send therapists down a credentialing paperwork black hole.  Fed up, she had to leave my network.

The Good

Mothers Day – my mom and I had a wonderful lunch and meander down Centre Street in Jamaica Plain.  She fell in love with Cobwebs and bought herself a beautiful cordial set.  She looked like a kid at Disney World – it was so cute!

Family wedding – one of my cousins got married in June and it was so genuine, happy, and filled with love, I rode a mood high for weeks!  Good music, good food, good drinks, and lots of laughter.  Not a lick of drama I was aware of at the time.  My cousin was radiant and her husband is a really great guy.

Graduated from physical therapy – 3 months of twice weekly sessions have made me a lot stronger and pain much more tolerable!  My physical therapist was a warm, funny guy who I really enjoyed working with.  Our last session, he ran me through my first session’s exercises which felt AMAZING! I did a set and look at him, “Seriously, this was a workout?”  He laughed and said, “You reported being fatigued after this.” Such a cool way to feel the progress I’ve made.  In addition to my herniated cervical discs, he was able to help my subluxated shoulder!  My left should was messed up from the paralysis from my stroke so it doesn’t sit in the socket correctly.  For 16 years I could not raise my left arm straight up.  Now I can.

 August vacation – I have a week’s vacation booked August 4 to 11.  I’m spending 5 days in the Berkshires and the other days chilling at home.

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