Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Baby's Back

After two days in the shop, my car is finally repaired. I had a broken EGR tube. From what I understand, it is part of the exhaust system so that's why my car sounded like a Harley.

Since I had a rental car for a couple days, I got to enjoy the latest luxuries of a new car. For fun, I figured out that I could afford a new car if need be. And since I've had horrible experiences with Ford, I would go for a Japanese car. Right now, my heart is on this baby:

A 2007 Toyota Corolla.


Marjie said...

Honestly, buying a toyota is not like you're 'upgrading' in a lot of ways. The Corolla price-range cars are far less comfy, roomy, and stable-feeling than a domestic car in that price range. Nevertheless, my Corolla is supposed to take me well into my 30's and it gets AWESOME gas mileage. So it's worth it, but just be ready to give up a bit to get a lot.

grepthisblog said...

Hi Anna,

I just got a 2007 Corolla LE last week. I was able to get it for $750 under invoice. I replaced my 1998 Honda accord.

I love my new corolla. It is perfect for my commute every day.

I paid $15,995 after the $750 cash rebate from Toyota.

I'll be glad to answer your questions if you have any. You can shoot me an email at sfninersfan at I have created a blog called