Monday, July 30, 2007

Things That Have Made Today Great

- Cool scary skies and rumbling thunder. If I wasn't at work, I'd be barefoot on the pavement staring at the sky.

- Connected to the above, thanks to the 6AM thunderstorm, I woke up, had time for breakfast and got to work on time

- A very awesome meeting with my boss. This was the performance review post graduation follow-up. I walked in with a tad of dread, expecting to be laid off. My boss told me the situation that he will be leaving and when he does, my salary has to be paid by another dept. The chances that I can be part of the Operations dept looks slim so by year's end my job could be on the chopping block. We also discussed our respective job searches. He also did a very cool thing where he summarized my strengths as a worker to me. So, I have a very nice mental blurb with new adjectives fueling a re-invigorated job hunt.

- I'm getting non-stop compliments on my dye job.

- My car is in the shop, getting accident damage repaired, and I have a nice Corolla rental.

- I love catching up after time off, it's non-stop check marks against a to-do list. So far no stress.

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