Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Crazy Kicking Ass

Today is turning out much better than yesterday. Yesterday sucked because I accidentally turned off my alarm, so I came in late and I had to work on a dumbass project that should never have been given to me. I started the project before my vacation on the part that made sense for me to do, create a PO. When I came back, I found out nothing further had been done so I got saddled with ordering a waste dumpster for some other company. Fun!

After work yesterday I went to Tae Kwon Do class and that made everything so much better. There is nothing like sweating and punching out annoyance! So, there's a married TKD instructor who I think is really cool. I have a total crush on him (I know married but it's all in my head). He obviously knows his stuff and when he teaches class, you get a good work-out and definitely learn something. He also has a very good sense of humor too. Basically, I don't feel like a flailing tub of lard in his classes, which is totally thanks to his teaching style, and I appreciate that. He is Kick Ass teacher.

Last night, we had another instructor teaching but Kick Ass teacher was around offering tips and encouragement throughout class. He told me that he liked my hair! I wound up pairing with a newbie white belt for some of our exercises. She was having so much trouble with her kicks, she was taken into the next room for some one on one instruction. So, I was partnerless until Kick Ass teacher took me as a partner. I was pretty darn happy with that situation. Here's the caveat, if I know that he's paying attention to me, I always fuck up. "Nice footwork, Anna" which leads me to fall on my ass. You know?

Kick Ass teacher partnered up with me while we were working on kick combos. It was a pretty straight-forward and quick exercise. Then, we got out the punching pads. Before the exercise was explained, I was faux throwing reverse punches. Kick Ass teacher told me I was doing it perfectly right off the bat! I guess punching is instinctual for me, huh? The exercise was two left punches and one right jab over and over then ending with punching out. The punch out seemed to last forever and I started flagging a bit so Kick Ass teacher said, "Don't tire out, don't tire out." which helped me find a second wind. Then he said, "Nice and strong!" and I gasped back, "Yeah, that's what you get when you say I'm tiring out." Hee! When it was his turn for punches, he tired out and I didn't say anything just caught his eye and gave him a bemused/understanding look. By the end of the night, I was so sexy; maroon face and dripping with sweat. Today, my shoulders are killing.

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