Monday, June 09, 2008

The Heat Will Be Gone

Hello all, I am writing from the air conditioned back half of my apartment - the area where I have been spending most of my time for the past couple of days. Today, I tried to run errands in the morning and that was atrocious. Our first heat wave and it's not even summer!

I feel pretty bad for my cat. He's long haired and has to spend his time in the air conditioned rooms or he'd completely dehydrate from panting. It took him about a day to understand that outside the kitchen door is an inferno that will leave him roasting. In that 24 hours of restless meowing to be let out and sheer boredom, at some point he chewed through my laptop power cord. I didn't notice it until late Sunday when I realized that my computer battery was really low for being plugged in. I got a replacement cord today. $80 - ouch! Rasputin, that's coming out of your allowance... This is the first cord he has ever gnawed on.

I've spent the hot days applying for jobs, watching crappy tv, napping, and doing laundry. Of course ice cream and water are musts in this kind of weather. My favorite ice cream is the Swiss orange sherbet from Edys. Hannaford is having a good sale on Aquafina water. After a month of bad reactions to the Crystal Light to go packets, my mom helped me figure out what the problem is so I have been enjoying their teas. My favorite is green tea. The fruit Crystal Light packets have some additive in them to keep them sweet that makes me feel ill. The tea is all good because it doesn't have to be so sweet.

I can't wait for the temperatures to drop basically because we'll be getting thunderstorms. There's nothing better than after days of sweating to death, to get drenched in a big rain storm that brings in a cold front. I've been getting nostalgic about summers lately. When I was little, summer meant swinging until summertime listening to the heat bugs. It also meant iodine on stubbed toes. When I was a kid, we didn't have spray on painless antibiotic. Stinging, smelly yellow iodine gave us character! Also, we didn't constantly have sunscreen on. I remember the smell and feeling of Noxema cream soothing a sunburn Aloe Vera is for whiny babies.

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