Saturday, January 31, 2009

Whatever Happened To...

Over the years, I have wound up falling in love with products that ultimately disappear from stores.

Back in the 90's I was addicted to St. Ives' haircare products. My favorites were their mint deep conditioner - you could get a packet for $1 or buy a full bottle with a pump. And I also loved the pear shampoo and conditioner. They were perfect for fine hair and smelled awesome. Some of their hair products are still sold online on sketchy sites like the one where I found the picture below. What happened? They do skincare so well, haircare makes sense! They had a quality product priced fine.

Since I was a Buffy fan, once Sarah Michelle Gellar became Maybelline's spokesperson, I became a big fan of their makeup. My absolute favorite product was their lip express lip pencil. It was a lip liner and/or a lip crayon. Combine it with a clear gloss, you'd be all set for the day. Seriously, it last FOREVER! In my quest to create this blog entry, I found that there's a site that sells makeup including discontinued lines: Hallelujah!

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