Friday, October 02, 2009

Farewell Commuter Rail

I will miss the views, the comfy wide seats, and sometimes not having to pay any fare. I won't miss the parking fees, the delays, and that odd stench of burnt rubber/diesel. I'm moving tomorrow to Quincy and I will be using the T from now on.

Today, I am completely useless at work. All I can do is mentally make lists of things left to do and plan out the morning of the move. This move has been extra hard for me because I didn't have room or time to have a packing assmembly area. So most of my boxes and furniture are scattered throughout the basement, garage, first floor and second floor. There is also a family party tomorrow so I'm moving with absolutely no help. I have no one to delegate to or ask for help - that's why I'm averaging 4 hours of sleep per night.

I'm also worried about moving my cat, Rasputin. He didn't handle the last move well (it took him a week to emerge from the basement and start eating). I'm going to try to put all his stuff in my apartment bathroom and keep him there as the movers unload. A couple articles online suggest leaving dirty laundry around his safe room to help relaz him with familiar scents. I like that suggestion since that means I won't have to do laundry tonight!

So, wish me luck as I finally go out on my own after 6 months of living in my parent's house. Woohoo employment, independence, and income!

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