Monday, October 05, 2009

Moving Day

After a Friday night of tears, stressing, stuffing my car full of items, and obsessive list-making - the move went almost flawlessly Saturday!

Unfortunately, it was pouring cats and dogs Saturday. The movers arrived at 10:30 and were done loading up the truck at 11:15. I seriously cannot rave enough about these guys. They were quick, efficient, and friendly. As an example of how awesome they are, they moved 2 lamps with bulbs in them and when they arrived at my apartment, they worked with the original bulbs! Also, all the cat fur covered condos etc were moved with no objection. They arrived at my apartment around 12:00PM and finished up around 1:30. They really killed themselves trying to get my sofa up to the 3rd floor but the staircase was too winding and my windows are too narrow. I kept flashing on that Friends episode, "Pivot!" Unfortunately, while I was going downstairs to check in with the movers, I wiped out pretty badly on the rain soaked stairs. Rain - 1, knee - 0. It's always really funny when I fall. It's like I notice that the world is going sideways with a "Hmm, that's odd" then wait a millisecond and then I react with the "Oh shit I'm falling!" reflex. To make this day kick more ass, my moving bill came in under estimate!

As of today, my bathroom, living room and bedroom are all set up and I have a couple boxes left to unpack in the kitchen and dining room. I love nesting. Next weekend, I'm painting the dining area this color. Oh yeah, the knee is fine today so walking to the T was no problem!

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