Friday, October 09, 2009

My Days This Week

Since I have moved, I have settled into a new routine.

5:45 AM Wake up - this was a bit hard at first because it is still pitch black outside. Luckily, having a 15lb Mainecoon cat has helped me get in the groove - he's up and bugging me around 4:30 anyways.

6:30 Quincy Center T - I tried walking to the T station for most of this week but two things happened: 1) My knee started acting up and 2) Sunrise is getting later and later. I don't like walking in the dark alone in a city so now I'm just driving to the T. If I'm good about brown bagging lunches, I will be able to afford it. I plan on walking when the weather gets better and sunrise is earlier.

7:00-7:30 Arrive at work - I like beginning the work day early because it's not that crowded when I arrive and when I get home. If I can grab the 6:30 train from Quincy Center, I can get in around 7:00. 7 stops on the red line and 5 on the orange. With the required delay at JFK/Umass.

4:00 leave work - I try to sneak out a couple minutes earlier because that makes a huge difference about getting a seat on the Braintree red line. If I can't sit, my knee and back will be in tremendous pain the rest of the night.

5:00 arrive home - I talk to my cat like he's human so I let him know that I'm home. Once I have switched to sweats and have my bra off, I can settle in.

5:00 - 9:30 household puttering - After dinner, I either slowly unpack a box, do the laundry, or do the dishes. Also, I have been elevating and icing my knee this week. I think it's a good sign that a bruise has finally appeared.

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