Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Scar I Forgot

This morning I got a paper cut on my left index finger. As I was looking at the slice on my finger, I noticed this pale white blotch right next to it. It is a scar from high school that I had completely forgotten about. BTW, I have a bunch of scars on me because I didn't bother to get stitches.

So, this scar on my left index finger happened one morning in high school as I was getting ready to go to school. I was pissed about something or other and I was combing through my closet for an outfit to wear. I grabbed a hangar wrong and somehow the hooked part of a wire hangar embedded its tip in my finger. When I took the hangar out of my finger, a nice chunk of flesh came with it. I was still pissed, so I just slapped a band aid on the hole in my finger and went to school. Don't you just love teenage anger and drama? I'm sure I went through the day feeling like the person I was pissed at caused my injury. Oh to be 16...

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