Monday, April 12, 2010

The Viggo Mortensen Effect

Sometimes a guy looks 100% better when he hasn't showered or shaved for days. Clean them up and slap nice clothes on, they look completely ridiculous. I have named this phenomenon The Viggo Mortensen Effect. See above and who cannot disagree with me? Strider is 100 times hotter than King Aragorn.

Last week, I realized another actor suffers from the same effect. See below. Granted, I kinda skewed the results by comparing shirtless to shirt ans scarf. Any other nominations for this Effect?

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Yelwrose said...

As my four-year-old niece said about Strider/Aragorn, "I like him better when he's dirty!"

I nearly fell off the couch! She has no time for King Elessar. LOL.

Good call on Desmond, too. ;) I like all our hot Lost men better on the Island.