Saturday, November 06, 2010

A Half Apology to Kforce

I am sorry Kforce. You didn't lie. You got me the temp job that started on Friday. This is a half apology because Kforce has given me a lot of misinformation about this position and are paying me so little that I actually would make more money just being on unemployment. Argh!

The main communication eff up is the cost of my commute. It was easy to figure out the T commute cost = $176 per month ($8 daily). So driving seemed a more affordable option until I found out the job doesn't have free parking at all. I'll have to pay $50 per month just to park. That little bit of information would have been really handy as I considered this temp job while crunching numbers.

The other problem is that this isn't a 40 hour per week job. So not only am I earning less per week than I had assumed, I have that $50 parking fee to worry about.

Finally, the work I did on Friday wasn't anything like Financial Analyst or accountant duties. I filed paperwork and found out that I will be responsible for picking up two managers phone lines if they are busy. Ummm... remember how much I loved being an Admin? About as much as stabbing myself in the ear.

It didn't help that I was able to see position requisitions for Kforce on my first day. Man, they have a sweet profit margin! Off of the desperate and unemployed...

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