Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Komically Bad Karma

Last Saturday, I bought a new car. 2010 Ford Focus with 36,000 miles on it.

It is a great ride and is very comfortable with cool options like cruise control and aux line in stereo.

This evening, I needed to pick up dry food for my cats after work so I decided to swing by Star Market on Granite St. on my way home. That had been my destination when I had my horrible accident. So, to dispel any anxiety, I drove another route to the store.

I was waiting to pull out from the parking lot with traffic backed up in front of me due to the Burgin Parkway light. At a complete stop, I heard a crunch noise and felt a slight bump. Some teenagers had just hit the back of my car! I got out of my car and asked for their paperwork. I got the kid's license but they refused to hand over the registration until a cop showed up. Some extra helpful Quincy bystanders complained about our cars being in the way. Thank you for your concern. The kids really didn't want to get insurance involved. But since my bank is the lien holder, I have to see the repairs through legitimately. I really hope the teens get a huge insurance hike and get in trouble with their parents!

First off, I am glad that I am uninjured and my car just has cosmetic damage. Secondly, what the fuckity fuck? How am I owed yet another car accident by life? I seriously need to stock up on evil eyes, rabbits feet, and salt!

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