Monday, March 05, 2012

Norovirus Not Kidding Around

I thought I had some bad food last Wednesday. It was just mild tummy issues that seemed to get better with rest so I went back to work Thursday. Horrible bad idea. I developed stabbing pain on my right side and just swallowing my own saliva made me feel like I would vomit. Friday was another sick day that I spent in bed. I had to haul myself out of bed to pick up gatorade and saltines etc. around 1:00 PM. I was very woozy and lightheaded. I shuffled through Stop & Shop like a nauseous zombie. I had to go straight back to bed when I got home. Thank goodness for Netflix streaming and cats acting like heating pads!

Of course when you're stricken with such an illness, you start wondering about where you could have gotten infected. At first, I blamed my parents since they had been sick a couple weeks before. But I bumped into my neighbor Saturday and it turns out he had been sick for about a week. Plus, when I came into work this morning, it turns out one of my co-workers got so ill she had to be hospitalized. So, it's making the rounds and no one is really immune. If this was a zombie virus, I think the whole south shore would be moaning brain eaters!

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