Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm Still Alive

Sorry for the radio silence.  I hope everyone had a great summer!  I definitely did.  I took my first paid vacation in five years and my difficult supervisor left the company for a new job (giving less than two weeks notice). Class Act.

For four days in August, I stayed with family at a beach house in Falmouth.  I was on the beach every single day and sometimes night.  Night swimming is fun but jellyfish stings suck and seaweed can get gross.  It's either wet pubes or wet lettuce.   These babies helped me avoid skin cancer.  My lily white ass barely got burned and I still have remnants of the tan!

I also got to meet a very nice young dog, Suki.  She's half pit bull and half retriever.  We got along but she figured out that I was a cat owner by duping me into letting her out without a leash.  I have absolutely not defense against pitiful whining and did not know that dogs bolt out the door when opened.  There was no tentative looking around a sniffing.  Suki didn't get hit by a car thank God.  Every morning she would wake me up by putting her head on my bed.

There was more swimming and animal greeting when my mom wound up house sitting in mid-August. There is Copper who is an elderly golden lab with a ton of health problems so he was mostly lying around or sleeping.  He loved being petted.  And I met a beautiful smoky cat, Charlie, who is very friendly and playful.  No hissing or scratching.  The screen door was intact too.  That is a good cat! Most of my family cats wound up getting stuck on the screen door and/or ruining windows.  Both pets had very measured and timed meals.  My mom and I realized that we have basically overfed all our cats.

Okay, here's a confession I'm a bit embarrassed about.  I don't really swim well or know how to swim but I love being in the water.  My big moves are doggie paddle or treading water.  I can jump into a pool but no diving and I have to hold my nose when I swim underwater.  It's so stupid that I don't know this considering that my grandparents had a pool when I was growing up and I was signed up for swimming classes when I was little.  When I have time and money, I am considering signing up for adult swim classes or lessons.  To be honest, the swim classes when I was little were mainly me sobbing in a bathroom stall and avoiding the swimming class.  I was convinced that I would drown.  That fear is really deep-seated in my bones even now.  When I jump off a diving board, I am scared to death.

My difficult supervisor's last day was yesterday.  As an added bonus, he made sure he was around to sit in on the year-end review.  It was basically the worst review I've ever had and completely stunned me.  But I still have a job.  There were nuggets of truth here and there but most of it was news to me.  The part that killed me is apparently I appear agitated and defensive when co-workers approach me to the point where people avoid me.  I'm 99.9% sure that is complete BS and co-workers = my difficult supervisor.  Once he left the office, the floodgates really opened with my co-workers.  It was so nice to hear that it wasn't just me and hearing other people calling him miserable, arrogant, and condescending.  My opinion is that he has no management skills and he got increasingly frustrated as he struggled so he made everyone miserable around him.  My plan is to add my response to the performance review before I sign anything.  I also asked my co-workers if I'm difficult to approach/work with.  100% no's.

Also, I know of two open accounting positions at my company, senior accountant and accounting supervisor.  Leave a comment if you would like to get the job descriptions.  I"m able  to help a brother/sister out.

The final dog I met this summer is a wonderful field/labrador retriever, Mr. Darcy.  He is three years old and is incredibly loving and mischievous.  He likes having his ears played with and lightly massaging his paws which are HUGE.  Get him around food, he's a troublemaker.  He kinda half sits/half leans on your lap.  And he is a great alarm clock.

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