Friday, September 04, 2015

Super Boss Gets Me

The week is over and holy smokes stuff happened! I am still recovering from an illness unfortunately. Getting back to work wasn't too bad I did get some comments about Super Boss being lucky to have me.

The two of us got slammed with a huge project that has a tight deadline. Poor Super Boss might have to work Monday! Because of this project, a huge deliverable of mine had to be delayed for the second time Wednesday. I got a bit pissy and bitter about how my work isn't important enough. I had a nice venting session with Baby Analyst. She pointed out that caring so much about my work can backfire on me. But on the up side, the department director and Super Boss in our unit meeting declared my deliverable was too important to delay - so I need to keep at it with what time or help? Who knows? I felt a lot better with my work being valued!

Thursday morning, Super Boss came into my office and we had a good chat. He declared that I have been a huge lifesaver this past year and he wouldn't have been able to survive without me. He even told the department director that! Then he assured me that he is trying hard to ensure that I will get a raise. I thanked him and asked him how he is doing since he looked close to passing out. He was completely overwhelmed and actually had to mutter to himself, "don't freak out, keep calm" a couple times! I informed him that I am going to work on a part of the project that is completely broken. He looked like he could finally take a full deep breath.

I felt really ill today unfortunately and didn't get any sleep but I couldn't help but appreciate and find amusing how Super Boss emailed me about some corrections he noticed.  A slightly redacted version of an email I got from Super Boss:

Hi Chokmah,


So up to this point, your compensation approvals have been excellent.  Unfortunately, [X] had some issues.  In many requests, [Y] was missing.  In some the [Z] was also missing.  In one, the [A] was off by $$.  In another the [B] was never corrected.


I don’t know what happened, but I’ll chalk it up to the fact that there were a ton of  requests that came in all at once and these required a correcting of the memo on top of addressing the request.  I know that you can do this and that you know what to do on these, but I am responsible for making sure this is a successful transition for future HR Analysts which means you need to be on top of your game when approving for Comp.  And I know you are great at it because you’ve questioned the exact things you are supposed to on many.  And, yes, these do suck up a lot of time, so I am also aware of that.  You and I are both perfectionists to some degree, so when I tell you to be more careful, I know I don’t really need to.  But I do want to make you aware so that you can be more vigilant for next time...


Isn't that perfect? He didn't want me to spiral and feel discouraged. I have a year under my belt and am pretty confident about my abilities and value at work. Plus, I have this great boss so I can handle anything. I also know I corrected all those things but didn't hit save at the right step.

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