Friday, October 16, 2015

Everything is Awesome

The move last Saturday went well. The movers were really quick and they came in under quote. The cats handled the transition really well too. I was able to set up my bedroom pretty quickly and I put up their condo with toys so familiar smells were everywhere. Roomie's cat is very relaxed so no huge fights or hissing matches. Rasputin didn't really emerge for a day but Stella was inspecting everything. I have several boxes left to unpack and we have set Halloween weekend as a deadline to be completely unpacked. 

For my second night, roomie made dinner for me and her friend then we played board games. I have people to play board games with now! I might have had my car broken into over the weekend or I was a complete flake when I moved leaving my passenger door unlocked, open trunk, and open glove compartment. Nothing was stolen and nothing was added (dead body nor bag of coke). If it was broken into, they only have my remote fob. 

My new commute is a 5 minute walk to a T stop and a 20 minute ride. Since I don't need to stick to a commuter rail schedule, I have actually been working later now. Boo!

Tuesday morning I got a text message from landlady's son. I felt the familiar spike in my blood pressure and pit of dread in my stomach. Oh God what could he want with me now? No worries dear readers - I forgot to fill up the oil before I left. He tried to get my new address but I just gave him my work address. Sayonara psycho!

So of course work was nuts this week - 5 days of work in 4 days. I got a glimpse of a potential raise amount for me in the pre budget approval stage. If it gets approved, hooo boy! I also basically screwed up everything I touched Tuesday. I had a lovely spouse of an employee scream at me, call me condescending, and hang up on me Thursday. I was pretty upset that night but Roomie was there with a bottle of wine so I felt better pretty quickly!

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