Friday, October 02, 2015

Illegal Apartment Living

This is my last weekend living in this shitty attic apartment that is nowhere near up to code and is probably illegal.  For the past six years, I....

...could not move my bowels, wipe my ass, and flush the toilet. The plumbing is so inadequate the toilet gets clogged all the time. I need to break down my bodily evacuations into steps to have a functioning toilet. I can only use septic safe toilet paper - and we aren't hooked up to a septic system!

...spent thousands of dollars on heating oil.  The eaves are not insulated so any heat just escapes.  I tried using plastic sheeting to stop the drafts but it made too much noise to sleep.  Most winter nights, I had the heat on, wearing layers,  with a space heater.

---have been screamed at and blamed for any repair I need.  The toilet needed a gasket and bulb replaced - my fault. A pipe burst in my bedroom after a power outage in the winter, my fault.

...haven't been able to take a long hot shower or bath.  The hot water doesn't last more than five minutes in my apartment summer or winter.  I can't wash a big batch of dishes at once.  During bad parts of the winter, I heat bathing water on my stove.

...have had trouble hanging anything on the walls  There is basically no wall, just layer upon layer of crumbling plaster.  Thank goodness for command hooks!

...have been told that the cats smell too much and I should get rid of them every single year.  According to my landlady's son, my cats are ruining the entire building.  This is the same man who trapped poor Rasputin in a room for a day after doing "repairs". This guy also thought my cats eat feces.  He's incredibly intelligent.

... had a pit of dread coming home, never had people over, and anxiety attacks.

For liability reasons, I won't post the link but let me say if you see a Craigslist ad for a Quincy apartment that looks too good to be true, it is.

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