Saturday, November 14, 2015

All These Places Have Their Moments

I have been having a bit of a social life lately. It is so much easier now that I am living in JP. I've had dinner at Christophers, drinks at the CBC, and got to see a movie at Kendall Square. At least once a week I've been asked by co-workers if I'm going on a date.  It's a nice new feeling being complimented on how I look.  Gwynnie Bee has helped spruce up my look but my outsides are just matching how I feel on the inside. Connected, where I am supposed to be, and happy.

I am so happy to be the Right Hand Woman to Super Boss. We are finishing each other's sentences and having conversations with a look lately. I am also getting a steady flow of people asking for my help/feedback at work. Walking the halls and having so many people to say hello to also makes my heart sing. The fly in this happy ointment is Prince Analyst who spent almost every morning this week in my office complaining. His latest complaint was that he is required to wear a tie to work. But it's just a minor annoyance and he won me over twice by getting me coffee one morning and asking for me to critique his work. I am sucker for being treated like an expert. Also, he is already helping with our workload. Veteran's Day was a holiday for us but half the department came in anyways. I decided to actually take the day off. Hey, maybe that's a sign that I am getting some type of work/life balance!

Roommate and I are still getting along but now it's past the honeymoon phase so I have noticed minor things that bug and adjustments I need to make. The biggest of the miniscule things is that she is politically a bit more conservative than I had expected. She watches Fox news. The only time I ever have that channel on is to see what the enemy is saying. I have been a bit uncomfortable with her word choices for African Americans and Jews. But what can I expect from someone who grew up in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania? She's a good, helpful person with a worldview unlike mine in particular aspects. I know I'm not perfect and she probably winces internally from my Liberal rantings.

I'm turning 39 next Sunday and my 20th high school reunion is the Friday after Thanksgiving. I'm not too freaked out about aging - I actually enjoy finding new gray hairs. Correction, my gray hairs are awesome glistening diamond white. Thanks genetics! It feels pretty great to enter a new year of my life on such an upswing. The bad times have made me really appreciate these good times.

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