Friday, November 06, 2015

Huge News/Stuff Happening

One of the new analysts started this past Monday! He's a former temp and thanks to his attitude, I will call him Prince Analyst. According to him, he will be getting dual monitors and VPN access. Super Boss has been requesting dual monitors for years and the only person in our department who has VPN access is the director - sorry to burst your bubble bud. Yeah he hasn't really been acting like a new hire, just complaining a lot and speechifying about how things should be. The attitude isn't winning any points with me but I hope he's a good competent worker once he gets up to speed.

This week went really well at work. I had really crazy long hours since the billing reconciliation was due and we had additional demands thanks to HR negotiations - when I tried to get Prince Analyst's help,  I got an ear full of bitching and nothing even worked on. This is the guy making $8K more than me - fabulous. I completed most of the reconciliation on my own and finished over half the charts needed for negotiations. I also wound up being able to rope Legal into my billing process where they brought out the big guns. I have a girl crush on one of the Legal Counsels because I saw her in action in a meeting. She was pissed but professional in a no B.S. way that I need to study and learn. It was awe inspiring. 

Super Boss had a completely trying and overwhelming week. He fired off an email Tuesday that was totally professional but I could tell how much work it took and the underlying tone so I called him to see how he's doing and offered my help. Oh yeah, Sunday, Super Boss and Super Wife saw my new place! He gave me an old rug of his for my bedroom. It's so funny, Stella LOVED them and when they left, she darted for the door to follow them. Sorry kitty, you're stuck with me. You're going to love Super Boss once you hear what he did in the midst of his trying week.

This morning he came into my office and told me if I see a personnel action for myself sitting in my queue, I can't approve it. I asked him what personnel action is happening for me. He said it was my raise and that it got approved. I was a bit stunned and babbled some noises then he left. It hit that all the months of long hours, the tears, and sleepless nights were appreciated by my company and this financial bump will be life changing. I started crying happy tears. Super Boss popped back into my office to remind me of something and asked, "Are you crying? Are those happy tears?" I somewhat brokenly thanked him for his support and getting me the raise. He said that though his week has been frustrating, knowing that this was coming helped him get through it. You know what he did this week? He wrote a salary justification memo for me to make sure I'd get my raise. I was able to read it and wow it is so overwhelmingly flattering, I started crying again! On top of this, I found out another department is singing my praises to Super Boss.

So yeah, the depressive side of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Too many good things are happening to me at once! Someone is going to die or I'll get injured. The scales will need balancing at some point. Or is this karma for all the shit I've endured? I don't know... But I do know that I want to donate a part of my raise to charity.

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Anonymous said...

This is so awesome. You work so hard and deserve all of it, cousin!!
- Sarah