Monday, December 07, 2015

In Which I Work in A Sitcom

There is a Legal Counsel at work who is like the epitome of professionalism and approachability. Baby Analyst and I have been enthralled in meeting after meeting the way she cuts through bullshit and moves things forward. Last Thursday there was a meeting scheduled and I found myself critically thinking about my wardrobe, jewelry, and makeup Wednesday night. I wanted to look nice in a way to impress Legal - which I thought was kinda weird. Cut to Thursday morning, Baby Analyst was in my office filing and she started saying, "I really thought long and hard about my outfit today because you know - Legal is in today's meeting." My poker face gave me away and Baby Analyst noted that my ensemble was really on point. Is this a professional Girl Crush or a cult? It could be a thrall.

Monday, I realized that Super Boss misses me if he's tied up in meetings all day. We wind up touching base the last hour of the day part catching up on business and part chatting. He just keeps talking and it's so nice seeing him decompress then he gets so relaxed he gets wise assy. I know I'm valued for the work I do and it's nice to be valued for the comfort and connection I can provide. Or as I said Monday night, I am the Riker to his Picard.

Tuesday the analyst team met in my office so I could train them on how to help me on a project. Guys, TEAM! That means more than two exhausted thirty-somethings powered by caffeine and despair. There was Baby Analyst, Super Boss, Prince Analyst, New Guy, and me. I was giving background to the system and Super Boss decided to say, "When Chokmah is gone, this is how we envision this process." Cue the team utterly losing their shit thinking that I am leaving the company. Super Boss was flabbergasted by the huge response and I was laughing my ass off saying,"I appreciate you guys too." Then Prince Analyst joked,"We just care because we want your office." Joked.

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