Saturday, September 03, 2016

Farewell Party

As part of my coping with Super Boss' departure, I organized his farewell party. My analyst team were awesome pitching in for food. I got the card and collected money. I also made a memory jar. I am sadly not very crafty so the jar looked like AC Moore threw up on it. 

Another part of my coping is to know myself clearly. I know I need to cool it on the drinking. A bottle of wine a night ain't good. It isn't just a way for me to relax at night, it's also a way for me to avoid feelings. My roommate left to visit her sister so I asked my brother to stay with me a couple days. I also have an acupuncture appointment.

Friday came and everything lined up perfectly. Our marketing department helped me track down an old framed quote from a former chief who Super Boss admired. So many people in my department helped me set up and brought extra food. About 50 people came. Some former employees showed up too! 

This is the speech I gave at Super Boss' farewell party,

"I met Super Boss July 22,2014 when I interviewed for this job. Less than a year later, he became my boss. You have your own ideas what a boss is but this is what it is like to have Super Boss as your boss. Every day he'd ask me how I was doing, and on those days where I lied saying I'm fine, he'd come into my office and help. He didn't just do that for me, he did that for everyone here. There is a Yiddish word for that kind of person - mensch. What that means is someone who has integrity and is admired and respected. Unfortunately, we're losing this mensch. Please don't be a stranger and good luck."

Super Boss had tears in his eyes when I finished. As everyone sat down and ate their pizza, he personally came over to thank me for the speech. He loved his presents and gave a speech that made some people weepy. Not me, I was in party planner mode. Mandroid cornered me for a chat where he complimented the party and how much love it shows. I decided to be political and use the opportunity to point out the entire dept cares and it is very important to keep that heart. He assured me our dept won't see lay-offs. 

After the party and clean up, I was in my office when Super Boss came in, closed the door, started crying as he thanked me. I gave him a big hug and told him that I loved him like family and that I'll still be around if he needs to chat about life or stuff. The day moved on and around 5 the dept was quiet as a graveyard. It was then that I felt the loss and sadness. Super Boss gave me a hug, I thanked him, and he thanked me.

I got this text from him when I got home:
"I can't tell you how awesome and sad today was.  Thank you again for making it happen.  Those moments filled with joy and sadness together are among my favorite memories.  Thank you."

It is going to be very hard this week having a 4 day work week being the first week without him. 

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