Friday, September 09, 2016

Moving On

This past week was fine. Yes, I got stressed out and made mistakes at work but life moves on.  In a weird way, I felt a lot happier! Then I felt guilty feeling happy. One of my co-workers summed up what was going on perfectly.  She told me, "You know you are very hard on yourself and you were very concerned about not disappointing Super Boss."

Not having that worry in my daily work, not second guessing every decision I make without Super Boss' blessing, and no cloud of gloom and stress emanating from Super Boss, lifted some kind of burden from me. This week also was really good because I have become a kind of expert in my department so the new chief and director have been turning to me for help and answers.  My ego loves being a know-it-all.  Also, the new chief is kinda awesome!  I am really not good with tact or playing politics so she came to me, mentioned a name, and my eyes widened, and I groaned shaking my head "Ohhh, that's a lawsuit waiting to happen..." She laughed heartily while declaring, "I'm going to like you!"

My new boss is pretty good too. I won't have the same closeness as Super Boss (or as my mom calls it - dysfunctional co-dependence) but we get along really well. He's a nerd so I appreciate his Star Trek allusions. He's a Jehovah's Witness and we had a really weird discussion this week where he declared how "we" have a lot in common. Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses. Yup. And it ain't that the religions begin with J. He wasn't trying to convert me or anything but it felt awkward talking like we are in this super special club knowing the true nature of God.

This morning I got a phone call from Super Boss - who wanted to wish me happy anniversary.  It's my two year work anniversary.  Aw!  I called him a big nerd for remembering and we had a nice chat.  He's doing well and could hear about a new job next week.  Good for him!

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