Sunday, September 18, 2016

Telling God My Plans

Worker Bee Analyst has accepted a position elsewhere in my company. I found this out Thursday.

This was a really difficult week. New Boss was on vacation and I had to deal with a ton of work/inquiries that are really management level stuff. I spent most of Tuesday morning crying in my office being overwhelmed and missing Super Boss. He would not have magically fixed everything but he was my sounding board/reality check. I don't have that anymore.

Worker Bee Analyst won't be leaving in two weeks. He will be splitting his time between his new role and old analyst job. So that softens the blow. The new chief and deputy director said very nice things as I was reeling from the news. They said that I won't be stranded/unsupported and they will make recruiting backfill a priority. They said this, let's see if they are full of bullshit.

This week I also applied to a bunch of jobs. A girl does need an exit strategy. My ego is smoothing over the utter misery because I do love being considered an expert, being in the loop and my opinion being respected. But when I feel my ego getting too puffy, I remind myself that everyone is desperate and I'm the only game in town.

To recap, in the past month 3 managers resigned, a deputy director retired, and Worker Bee Analyst got a new job. I got a new boss. Baby Analyst and I are the only ones left. The only remaining manager is retiring in January.

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