Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Goodbye Tae Kwon Do

Last night I quit Tae Kwon Do classes after a talk with my doctor about my shoulder and ankle injuries. I was told that since I'm overweight and am trying to keep up with the class, I might be injuring my joints without noticing it (thanks to endorphins). My ankle probably has plantar fascitis which could take a while to get better. My shoulder is still a mystery so I have to see an orthopedist.

When I officially quit TKD, I felt light and free. I won't miss the anxiety and dread every week in class. I won't miss feeling like a bumbling idiot. I will miss the people. My classmates were very cool and supportive. No matter how many team contests I lost for them, they always treated me well. Overall, I highly recommend Tae Kwon Do if you're young and in shape. If you are neither, you might be able to progress to green belt but black belt is out of your ability.

Here's my history of Tae Kwon Do Posts:
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As you can see over time the excitement of challenging myself and doing someting new leads to frustration and injuries. Another insight into taking Tae Kwon Do classes is to make sure the instructors are certified personal trainers or sport medicine people.

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